These  decorated jute bags are strong for shopping etc and very pretty

All the bags are made of a natural jute material and make excellent presents.

The bags have strong handles and most have a resin wipe clean lining.

They make an excellant shopper as the bottom of the bag is wide and will hold bottles of milk/wine ,juice etc.

The pictures and decoration are all made from a cotton/nylon material.


All products  are supplied with a suitably sized envelope.  All products are hand-crafted for every occasion at reasonable prices. Please note that all our cards and gifts are individually made and TOTALLY UNIQUE.

Everything you see has been lovingly handmade in our small Boston-based craft centre, where great care and attention has gone into every card and gift we create.

Much time is allocated by Susan concerning the theme and sentiments of every card.  New items are added at regular intervals to satisfy the growing demand for this type of card.

We hope you enjoy giving them away as much as we enjoy making them!

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