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All about Susan Anne™

Making something really special

Welcome to Susan Anne Luxury Cards and Gifts —The only specialist hand-crafted card maker in Boston, Lincolnshire.

All products are hand-crafted for every occasion at reasonable prices. Please note that all our cards and gifts are individually made and TOTALLY UNIQUE.
Much time is allocated by Susan concerning the theme and sentiments of every card. New items are added at regular intervals to satisfy the growing demand for this type of card. All cards are supplied with a suitably sized envelope.

Please browse through my Official Website or my Amazon Store at your leisure!
If you need further information about any of my cards or you would like one especially made for you, please contact me via any of the Social Media or via Official Website.

New cards are being uploaded daily! Please browse regularly for new items. All sections will be completed as time allows — please be patient !! Only materials of the highest luxurious quality are used at Susan Anne Luxury Cards.

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