Auto Submit Hourly

Through our social network contacts and by leveraging the power of Web 2.0 we have captured over 50,000,000 contacts of social marketers across the globe. We have compiled them in one of the largest double opt-in databases available today using this submission technology and now we are making them accessable to the general public. Better still, you don’t have to get up close and personal with a single one of them, we do all the work for you. Using our system you will be able to send your ad copy to them, through us, and never receive a single spam complaint, ever!

But it gets better! We have tweaked our technology to allow you, the member, to submit your ad ONE TIME A DAY and yet we will send that ad out ALL DAY on the hour EVERY HOUR, in it’s entirety to the database. That’s what we call moving alot of information, your information, into the hands of people who will be intrested in YOUR products and services! What’s more, we are charging a paltry $10 one time fee for this service and you can use it every day!

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